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Wedding Planner : because organizing a marriage is not easy!


AH! The joys of a wedding !

For the duo tying the knot...
there is the heady feeling of a lifetime of promised love, and the butterflies of stepping into a new and wonderful partnership called marriage.
For the parents of the couple getting married...
it is the running around of the wedding planning, and the bittersweet moment of seeing their kids really grown up, taking on the great commitment of sharing their lives with another.
And for the wedding guests...
it is a wonderful excuse to party, and wish their friend or relative a happy conjugal life!
Nothing reinforces social and family values, and really brings home the joys of being human, like marriage. Something about seeing two people make that first step into a new life of togetherness and love makes us all a little misty eyed and brings on the “aww” moments.

Its easy to forget exactly how much hard work goes on in the background to make the wedding event the seamless success that you see.

In depth wedding planning, frenetic action, and superb organizational skills are an essential part of pulling of the perfect wedding event.

Getting a Wedding Planner

The easiest and most stress free way of managing all of these activities, as a bride, groom, or family member, is to get yourself a professional wedding planner.

Now, most people are uncomfortable with the suggestion of hiring a wedding planner, we know. But the truth is

a wedding planner can make all the difference in the way your Wedding turns out

Contact us for a free consultation to see, as wedding planners, what difference we can make. That’s right! We don’t charge you for the consult! Fees apply only when you decide to hire us, after you have seen how we can add to your wedding. With us, you will lose none of the personal touch, since we will always keep your personality and choices in mind. But you gain an immense amount in polish and presentation, not to mention saving a ton of money!

The Complete package of Wedding Event Management

One single wedding planning package that takes care of all the before, after, and during hassles of your magic day! We will take care of the entire wedding planning process so you can concentrate on looking beautiful, enjoying your first step into a new life, and concentrate on your guests.

Sounds contradictory…doesn’t it?

Paying a wedding planner to do something you think you can handle yourself can save you money? Yes, you heard us right.

A good wedding planner can
  • use their expertise, experience and contacts to smooth out wrinkles,
  • get you much better deals from wedding vendors, on things like
and can prevent extra expense resulting from
  • snarlups,
  • doubling,
  • and cancellations.
All in all, a wedding planning professional more than pays for their own fee. They actually save you a lot of money!
To see how we can make your event a success, check out our package of total wedding planning solutions here.

Doing It Yourself : Wedding planning for the DIYer

On the other hand, some couples may decide that becoming their own wedding planner is the way for them. If you firmly believe that you and your family can organize the perfect dream wedding day for you, you may appreciate some of the wonderful tools and expert wedding planning tips we offer to help you plan and execute your own delightful ideas. Interested in learning about all the wonderful wedding planning help we have lined up for you? Check here.

The Best of Both Worlds : Become your own Wedding Planner

(with a little help from us)
And finally, for those of you who have gone the Do-It-Yourself way, but are beginning to feel a little bit overwhelmed, or simply want to do it even better, we also offer a range of part wedding planning packages. Make your own decisions, and incorporate our ideas and services piecemeal to come up with the perfect combination of “right” choices for your wedding. Choose one of our part packages from the list below, to see how each of these wedding planning services can add to the magic of your fabulous day! Check out our part package services here.
Our part wedding planning service packages include:
Wedding Catering Services which will help you offer your guests the best of Indian and international cuisine at pocket friendly prices.  
  Wedding Decoration Planning / Flower Decoration that will make your Dream Day a Visual fairy tale and to light up your day with the perfect Eden of exquisite blooms.
Wedding Venue Arrangement services that a wedding planner like us can provide will take away the hassle of finding, pricing, booking, and confirming the venues for all your wedding related functions.  
  Vendor Management services - A wedding planner helps you to seamlessly integrate and coordinate the services provided by the various vendors involved in the massive process which is the great Indian wedding.
Live Entertainment arrangements can augment the arrangements you have made for any of the pre and post wedding functions, from sangeet and mehendi to reception parties.  
  Wedding Photography to capture each moment of your wonderful days! Our previous work speaks for itself!
Videography to capture all the celebrations on film, so you can revisit your Dream Wedding any time you like!  
  Light and Sound services to light up your venue, the best sound equipment to showcase the DJ and the band you chose, all can add to the perfection of your perfect day!
Bridal Make-up services to ensure you look your glamourous and glowing best for this most glamourous of days!  
  Wedding Invitation Cards can be an onerous task. Color schemes, words, designs, material, a plethora of choices can be confusing, and choosing the right combination can make all the difference between a hideous monstrosity and the PERFECT invitation.
Grooming the groom! Not something to be scoffed at! Although the bride, by default, receives the lion’s share of the attention at a wedding, the groom has no need to feel left out! We will make sure the groom stands out as the perfect foil to the glorious bride.  

Sounds good?

We bet it does! And it’s not complicated! Simply click here or call the numbers given here for a free consultation or more information!
Remember! A wedding planner can make all the difference to your wedding! We will reduce your stress and simplify the entire process of creating your perfect day. You can concentrate on looking your best, and enjoying every minute of your wedding day.
We, as wedding planners, would even be at the event itself, to make sure your wedding takes place smoothly, and to deal with any last minute crisis that may arise…
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